SIG P320 Legion (X-FIVE / M17 / M18) w/ R1P/DPP Cut to RMR / SRO / Holosun Adapter Plate With Rear Dovetail


P320 Legion (X-FIVE / M17 / M18) with Romeo1Pro / DPP Factory Optics Cut

This adapter plate comes with an integrated rear dovetail.  If you want to co-witness, you must install a new set of iron sights.  The new model of this plate will come with the rear dovetail regardless whether you use it or not.

As of 12 FEB 2020, we are working with Dawson Precision on a custom set of backup iron sights to be used with this configuration.

Adapter Plate is compatible with the following:


SIG P320 Legion X-FIVE

SIG P320 M17 / M18

Red Dots:

Trijicon RMR Type I and Type II

Holosun 407C, 407K, 507C, 507K, 508T

Upgraded Iron Sight Info:

Front Sight will be a .330″ Blade Height

Rear will be a .395 GLOCK Rear Sight (10-8 Performance GLOCK Rear)





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